509 Mini Me Tiny Stove

509 Mini Me Tiny Stove

The Mini Me 8 and 12 have been replaced by the mini me pellet stove. Orders for these stoves will be by request only, my take 2-3 weeks to ship.


The first of its kind, the 509 Mini Me Presto-log Stove combines compact design with efficient burn time in an all-steel constructed stove built specifically for smaller spaces. For use in Tiny Homes, Yurts, RVS, Wall Tents, Hunting Cabins, Greenhouses, Ice Shanties, Sheds, Skoolies, etc, the Mini Me features a non-electric and patented gravity fed design for use with densified logs,  suiting many tiny spaces.

Buy the pellet Adapter for your existing Mini Me and convert to burning pellets.

10lbs pellet hopper, 20lbs pellet hopper and 30lbs pellet hopper available.

Mini Me Water Tank

Mini Me Pellet Hopper and Pellet adapter now available

  • RVs
  • Wall Tents
  • Yurts
  • Tiny Homes
  • Sheds
  • Ice Shanties
  • Cabins
  • Green Houses
  • Skoolies

Living up to the name, our stove is easy to light, operate, and maintain; built with the very best quality, features, and durability for your small space. 

Two models are available: 8 and 12 hour burn time. Removable firepot is optional (8F and 12F). Standard model has removable bricks and a built-in ash pan with Fresh air attachment.

Once your purchase is made with a shipping deposit, our team will contact you to arrange shipping details. *Depending on location of shipping address, additional charges may apply. (Example being a remote or rural location). Shipping generally runs between 140 and 220 to a commercial location. Shipping to your door is more. Click here to learn more.


Densified Log Length: 3 3/4" diameter and smaller logs only.
Burn Time:

  • 8/8F: Up to 8 hours depending on log used and damper setting
  • 12/12F: Up to 12 Hours depending on log used and damper setting

Heating Capacity: 200-400 sq ft
Pipe vents: 4 inch Single Wall Pipe and 4 inch Class A Pipe
Width: 19” front 6” back
Height: 18”
Depth: 19”
Feed Tube Height:

  • 8 / 8F: 18”
  • 12 / 12F: 29”

Total Height:

  • 8 / 8F: 36”
  • 12 / 12F: 47”


  • 8 / 8F: 97 lbs
  • 12 / 12F: 111 lbs

Removable fire pot or bricks
Pedestal and ash pan options
Burns wood in emergencies (burn times are shorter)
Non-EPA/UL Listed Recreational Stove Only

Check Out Our New Mini Me Pellet stove


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509 Mini Me Tiny Stove – Mini Me 12F, 509 Mini Me Tiny Stove – Mini Me 8, 509 Mini Me Tiny Stove – Mini Me 12

1 review for 509 Mini Me Tiny Stove

  1. Frederick Moyer

    I purchased the mini me 8 stove in Nov. We have been living in a 400 sq ft cabin for the past 2.5 years. We had to work hard to keep the cabin warm all winter the first year with a propane heater. The second year we bought a Cubic Mini Grizzly stove. It worked ok, but only takes a 6 inch piece of wood, so did not burn for any decent amount of time. This past Nov we purchased the Mini stove from 509 Fabrications. Wow, talk about life changing. Easy to start, runs all night long and keep the cabin so warm. Once in a while when I have it going all day we have to crack a window open in the evening it is putting out so much nice warm dry heat. Very solid craftsmanship, Just LOVE the stove!!!

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