Mini Me 10lbs Pellet Hopper

Mini Me 10lbs Pellet Hopper


Mini Me Pellet Hopper

Fits The Mini Me 12 and 8

2 reviews for Mini Me 10lbs Pellet Hopper

  1. Tad Davis

    I purchased the pellet hopper and adapter. What a game changer! Easier to light and seems to put out even more heat than using the logs. Bring on the cold!! I would recommend this to everyone who has a mini me stove.

  2. Rebecca A

    We’ve had the Mini Me 12 for a few years and have loved it, but we decided to try the pellet hopper since pellets are easier to come by right now and, since we’re living tiny, easier to store in the winter. This thing is amazing!!! We’ve been using the Lignetics pellets, and a 40lb bag is lasting us about 2 days running the stove pretty much around the clock. It heats our 300 sq ft space perfectly and that’s at 4,800ft altitude with pretty serious winters. Dusty and his team are so helpful and knowledgeable and really stand behind their products.

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