Mini Me Water Tank

Mini Me Water Tank


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About the Water Tank

Mini Me Water Tank is Hand welded and made of Stainless Steel 304 construction.

Fits the Mini Me stove

Hand-welded stainless steel 2.3 gallon capacity. Easy on easy off. Removable lid. Heats to 115 degrees in less than half hour and up to roughly 200-220 in about 45 minutes. Great for putting moisture in the air. Great for heating up dehydrated meals.

Water Tank fits the Mini Me stove only. For instance, not compatible to put on other models of stoves.  Welded nipple.  We are trying to keep it from leaking.  Not a rubber gasketed one that can melt.  Other tanks use rubber gaskets.

If you are looking to heat water on this stove, this is the best way. As we mentioned easy on and off. Easily fillable tank.

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