Mini Me Pellet Adapter

Mini Me Pellet Adapter


Mini Me Pellet Adapter was designed for use in the Mini Me models. These are a flagship in our line of gravity fed non-electric tiny stoves. This new pellet adapter is made of 304 Stainless Steel. For instance, construction on the bottom half of the unit is Stainless Steel where it counts. And carbon steel on the top where it is out of the heat area. The height was carefully designed and prototyped over a 6 month period to develop an addition to the Mini Me Stove.

Pellet Adapter 

With the New Mini Me Pellet Adapter it turns the Mini Me stove into a tiny space heater that can burn split wood, Presto Logs, and pellets. We developed this product for users that want a multi fuel stove. For example, a non-electric gravity fed stove that will burn longer than any of the competitors.

As an example, the Mini Me Tiny Stove can be used in Tiny Homes, RVS, Ice Shanties, Tree Houses, and Green Houses to name just a few. With the Pellet Adapter installed you can burn pellets. You were not able to do this before in the Mini Me Tiny Stove.  This is an example of pellets you would use for fuel in the Mini Me Tiny Stove.

Burning Pellets

Furthermore, when you are done using the Mini Me Pellet Adapter you can pull it out of the feed tube. Then decide what you want for fuel next.  This is a great way to use a stove in a Skoolie.  While you are travelling you can't always find fuel sources.  Now you have choices.

If the adapter ever burns up and becomes un-usable, you can replace it easily. Burn time with 3 densified fuel logs is between 8 and 12 hours. Burn time with pellets is generally 6. Split wood is generally about 2 hours.  For example, with the added hopper to the feed tube, you can increase the 6 hour time to 10 or more. The hopper is removeable as well.

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  1. Tad Davis

    I purchased the pellet hopper and adapter. What a game changer! Easier to light and seems to put out even more heat than using the logs. Bring on the cold!! I would recommend this to everyone who has a mini me stove.

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