Warranty and Return Policy

509 Fabrications Warranty and Return Policy

All sales are final for the Mini-Me Stove and Recreational Wood Stove and their accessories. The customer is responsible for knowing their local regulations and requirements for installing and using these stoves.

509 Fabrications does not accept returns or offer refunds on our products, except for the following reasons:


Damage During Shipping

Customers must lodge a shipping damage claim within 5 days if a stove is damaged during transportation and refused at time of delivery due to that damage. Please call 509 Fabrications ASAP at 509-993-3767 to let us know what happened so we can file a claim as well. The customer will need to provide pictures of the damage. In the case of verifiable damage during shipping, your stove may be eligible for a replacement. 


Manufacturing Defects

In the rare case of a factory defective stove, 509 Fabrications will replace a stove or specific parts affected by the factory defect. Examples of a factory defect would be improperly sealed glass, missing welds or smoke leaks. This warranty does not cover improper use of the stove, damage during Installation, damage due to transport or moving after delivery or damage caused by over-firing the stove.

Steps to initiate a return and refund:

1. Ship or bring the stove back to 509 Fabrications. Shipping costs are not covered by 509 Fabricatons and are the responsibility of the customer.

2. Once the stove has been received, a replacement will be shipped, or delivered if local. If a replacement is not desired, a refund will be issued within 10 business days of receipt of delivery of the returned stove.