The Caboose | Tiny Wood Stove

The Caboose | Tiny Wood Stove

The Caboose is a space saving wall-mounted or free-standing stove package with built in heat shields. Efficient burn times of 4 to 6 hours.

Due to high demand this stove may take 5 to 7 days to ship.



The Caboose | Tiny Wood Stove

You asked and Flame Innovation has delivered a UL Listed tiny wood stove that will completely heat 200 to 600 square feet.  The Caboose is a space saving wall mounted stove or free-standing stove package with built in heat shields. Efficient burn times of 4 to 6 hours are standard using soft woods. Hard woods will produce longer burn times.

The Caboose can attach to a sturdy wall mounted bracket that moves side to side for fine tuning exhaust placement with a nice large shelf for the stove.  An optional convection fan will extend your heating area, if desired, while evening out the heat in your space.

Caboose specs

The Caboose is made in Post Falls Idaho by our team of fully certified craftsmen that hand weld each stove. We also have skilled painters and assembly personnel that pay special attention to details from start to finish.

Check out our Tiny Stove Comparison Chart for more specs.

  • When used as a free standing stove you must use a Standard  R-2 hearth pad. The heat shield for this application stretches from the left end of the stove around the entire back.  Standard clearance to combustibles is 14”.
  • Up to 14” Cord Wood can be loaded from the right end of the stove up to 5.5” in diameter.  In addition, the stove is equipped with a large air washed glass viewing window in the front.  This glass viewing area provides fantastic radiant heat transfer. If desired the cook space is approximately 8” x 10” on top.
  • Has an outside combustion air feature built into the optional wall mount bracket to compliment installation in Tiny Homes, Canal Boats, Cabins, Sheds, RVS, Yurts and more.
  • Additionally the Caboose model utilizes 4” HT UL rated combustion pipe for exhaust. The safe 4” Insulated pipe has an outside diameter of 6”.  If desired, the chimney can exit out a side wall at a 45 degree angle.
  • The Caboose Tiny Wood Stove measures 22” Wide from left to right x 25” tall x 10” deep front to back.  The Weight is only 120 lbs.
  • The fully brick lined fire box measures 14.5” deep x 7” Wide x 8” Tall with a brick baffle above for superior efficiency.
  • The Door on the caboose can be on the left side or right side of the stove with the glass always being in the front

Additional information

Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 25 in
Door Location

right hand door, left hand door

12 reviews for The Caboose | Tiny Wood Stove

  1. Khan Mac

    Wow, these guys are the real deal! Professional and knowledgeable Dusty was a huge help in the ordering process. 10/10 would recommend.

  2. Leanne Hainline

    Entire experience with Flame Innovation was very positive. They were knowledgeable, friendly and offer a quality product.

  3. cindy

    Customer service was very helpful. No wait time, and feeling confident about the choice I made and installing my mini woodstove .

  4. Geoff and Deborah Imlay

    We have a barndominium and we were looking for a small wood stove. We found one that is very popular on the internet. I am not a computer person and wanted to call and get information and specific details. I called and left a message with them and it took them over a week to get back to me. So, we found and called Flame Innovation Instead. We were looking at their wood stove called “The Caboose” It can actually be hung on the wall with a stand and heat shield. I was very skeptical whether we would like it or not but we were so limited on space it seemed to fit better for our needs. We received it and I ended up calling and talking with Cody a half a dozen times for specific details. He was very patient with me and always called me right back. The stove works amazing! It looks very cool on the wall. It is a quality stove and heats great! They have great customer service and I highly recommend Flame Innovation. We are really happy with our purchase.

  5. Shelton h

    This a great stove and is capable of real heat. Knocked it out of the park. Curing the paint right now and tommorow morning again, then installing. Thanks again for such a great stove!

  6. candy sult

    Dusty and Cody are awesome. Great customer service. First purchase was a couple of years ago which was awesome also! Great products. Purchased again and would recommend Dusty always. Thanks!!!

  7. Mark Nissen

    I recently built a small guest cabin and wanted to install a wood stove so that we had a back up heat source for our heat pumps during winter power outages. Unfortunately I jumped into action without doing enough research and bought a cute little wood stove that wasn’t certified. When I went to get insurance for the cabin, I was told that not only would they not insure the cabin with the uncertified stove, I would also need to remove it within 30 days or else they would cancel the insurance policy on our main home!
    It turns out that there are very few small scale certified wood stoves that are suitable for small structures. The Caboose from Flame Innovations is the only one I could find and I’m super happy with it. Cody and Dusty were extremely helpful with all my questions and arranged for shipping the stove and all required accessories across the border to Canada. They made everything really easy.
    I’ve now had it professionally installed with the wall mount kit and it is WETT certified. My insurance woes are over! The stove works flawlessly and looks terrific too.

  8. Theresa burnett

    It kept our tiny home very warm. We love it. Thanks for making this wonderful stove.

  9. S.Kirwan

    Dusty, I love this little stove, you customized it to fit perfectly in my tiny house. The flat top is just right to heat water for tea or a fan. Your design keeps the viewing window clear and allows me to control the firebox for a steady burn temperature. This was my 5th winter in northern NH, I installed your stove in November and somehow I stayed warmer and used less firewood with the Caboose wood stove.

  10. H Bybee

    Using thus stove about a year now in Victor Idaho, in a school bus conversion. The stove heats very well, in spite of keeping all the windows on the bus. I use a Voda woodstove fan to disperse heat. I can’t recommend a better stove at this moment. However get the adapter and use insulated pipe all the way!

  11. Elijah schewe

    Can’t express how great my experience was with this business. Very responsive and helped with my order to make sure I had what I needed. Thanks Elijah schewe

  12. Dave bates

    Portable cedar cabins has been buying from you guys for years. Wood stoves are great

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