Revolve Smokeless Fire Pit

The Revolve Smokeless fire pit is unlike any other fire pit on the market. We filed our own patent on smoke less technology, and how we bring air into the combustion chamber of the fire pit. This allows us to not only damper the fire down but also spins the flames inside the fire pit. This is a bonus to our design for our customers to enjoy.

Our fire pit stops smoking so much faster than the other smokeless technology, that it virtually does make it almost smoke-free. Does it ever smoke?  Absolutely, when you light it, and when it is almost burned out completely.  One of the reasons for less smoke in the Revolve is how fast we can bring the air to the fire so that it drives the flames to eat up the smoke much faster. The Revolve does not have to get super-hot to drive the air into the fire to ignite the smoke, letting you build a small fire or a bigger fire.

The Revolve Smokeless Fire Pit has only one layer of metal between you and the flames. This will keep you warm from the ground up.  We have a cone at the top of the fire pit to help guide the gases up and it also aids in the spinning of the flames outside the fire pit, so you are not moving your chair around all the time looking for the best place to sit and not get a face of smoke.

Have you ever seen a fire pit with damper doors on it?  We haven’t either, so we thought we would try and get them in our design. The Revolve damper doors let you adjust the fire pit air speed into the center of the fire, so you don’t go through so much wood. Are you going to burn more wood in all these styles of fire pits?  Yes, you are, so we did something about it.  You will still probably burn wood faster because you are getting more complete combustion of the wood, but because we can dampen it down. The fire doesn’t run away from you burning faster and hotter going through more fuel.

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