509 Fab Log Chipper

509 Fab Log Chipper


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509 Fab Log Chipper Kindling maker. Chip logs into pieces easily. Please call or email for shipping quote due to size and weight. Shipping not included on this item. https://flameinnovation.com/product/509-stoves-pre-made-log-kindling/

Here are some of the logs it works with. https://northidahoenergylogs.com/


This log chipper is great even if you are using it to break up logs for your wood stove to use as starter.  Use this instead of kindling. Burns longer and cleaner. Log chipper is right or left handed.  Made of 3/16" steel.  Sharpened edge on the cutting tip.  Comes with a tray for the small bits to keep the mess in one place. You can bolt it to a shelf for stability. Use it for about half an hour and you have chips for days. See the video above for how it works. Painted black with a nice rubber grip on the handle. 509 Fab Log Chipper for use with densified fuel logs.


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