Purchasing the right wood stove can be a difficult decision.

There are a lot of different factors to consider: The size of the space being heated, the burn time, fuel types, BTU output, wall or floor mount, hot water tank attachments… the list goes on!

We would like to help you narrow down your decision by offering a side-by-side comparison of the different stove models Flame Innovation has to offer.

Tiny Stoves are Great

Tiny stoves work well in many types of small spaces:

  • Tiny Homes
  • Yurts
  • RVS
  • Wall Tents
  • Hunting Cabins
  • Greenhouses
  • Ice Shanties
  • Sheds
  • Skoolies
  • Great for off-grid living!

All our high quality stoves are Made in the USA, and all are UL Safety Tested.

Caboose tiny wood stove

The Caboose

Completely heats 200 to 600 square feet.  Efficient burn time lasts up to 6 hours.

Steelhead tiny wood stove

The Steelhead

Completely heats 600 to 1300 square feet. Efficient burn time lasts up to 8 hours.

Tiny Stove Comparison Chart

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Caboose tiny wood stove


Steelhead tiny wood stove


Sq. Ft. Heating Range 200 – 600 Sq. Ft. 600 – 1300 Sq. Ft.
Estimated BTU Range 7500 – 21,000 Roughly 10,000 – 23,000 Roughly
Estimated Burn Times 4- 6 Hours 6 – 8 Hours
Stove Dimensions 22” Wide x 10” Deep x 25” Tall
14.5” Wide x 24” Deep x 25-30” Tall
190 lbs. 
(Depending on leg height)
Firebox Size 14.50” Deep x 7” Wide x 8” Tall 18” Deep x 9” Wide x 12” Tall
Wood Size 14” Long 18” Long
Water Tank Available NO YES,2 5 Gallon Tank attachments
Material Thickness 3/16” 3/16”
Exhaust Pipe Size 4” 6”
UL Safety Rated YES YES
Cooktop Size 8” x 10” 13” x 14”
Fresh Air Capable YES  w/ Wall Mount Kit YES
Glass Air Wash / Size YES / 5” X 8” YES
Secondary Combustion yes YES
Wall Mount Capable YES, Can be lifted and installed on the wall. NO
Made in the USA YES YES

We have 4″ stove pipe available in 4″ HT and 4″ single wall

4″ HT sizes are 1FT, 18″, 2FT and 3FT 


Single wall pipe sizes are 1FT, 2FT, 3FT, and 4FT 


Do you have more questions?

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