4″ HT 45 Degree Elbow One

4″ HT 45 Degree Elbow One


4" HT 45 Degree Elbow One For Instance, this is a single elbow. One of many different sizes available, but we only carry this angle.  Model HT is an All Fuel Chimney approved for Gas, Oil and Wood* burning applications. This pipe is manufactured by Selkirk. This pipe is insulated and helps hold your draft.

Once again,12 INCHES in length roughly. Fits our New Caboose. Our version of a Tiny Wood Stove and the Mini Me Stoves

For example, This Stove pipe is Tested and Listed to ULC S-604 and UL for USA. You will rise in height about 6" per foot of length.


All 300 Series Stainless Steel Construction.1" "Solid Pack" Insulation. This is a UL Rated Pipe. Model HT requires only 2" clearance to combustibles.

Lastly, it has Smart Choice Lifetime Warranty https://www.selkirkcorp.com/en/

Similarly, this stove pipe is Approved for wood burning applications only in the United States. Above all, check your local regulations for stove and chimney pipe.

Why does it work better?

Furthermore, Insulated pipe is almost a must have for your installs. For example, the insulated pipe stays warm to keep your draft in flow. 4″ Insulated Chimney Pipe is used for installs inside the home and outside. Here is and example of what you would use to go through the roof in an RV. https://flameinnovation.com/product/4-firestop-spacer-w-6-cutout/


Furthermore, It's Guaranteed for life. Read statements by them for details.  Used in all instances where 4" Insulated is needed for roof penetrations. Keep your draft insulated for better performance of your stove pipe. Sometimes, used in a wall tent installation. The pipe can be lined with a 5" pipe to help keep the heat in.  But, pack the top side with fire-proof blanket to hold in the heat. Want to do it right? Use Selkirk Class A Stove Pipe.

Again, Thank you for looking at our products and stove pipe.  We strive to help. Really, in any way we can. Lastly, we are not licensed installers, but we like to be helpful if we can to get you the right products you need. Again, Be safe & burn safe. In short, Enjoy your stove. Don't you just love how you have to word all this to make it search right.


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