Caboose Wall Mount Bracket

Caboose Wall Mount Bracket

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How many times have you looked at your space and thought- I wish I could have that area back of my floor? Well, now you can!

The Caboose wall mount bracket will save you space by reducing clearance to combustibles. Therefor, allowing you to get the stove closer to the wall. The wall mount is built to last.  Meanwhile, it will compliment your caboose stove. This will save time and money. The rear mount is adjustable after installation. You can center the exhaust pipe perfectly between your wall studs. Be out of the way of ceiling joists.  Eliminate un-needed exhaust parts.

As-a-plus this wall support kit gives you room to store your logs underneath. For example, you can install it at any height from 14" off the floor.  The stove top needs to be 4 ft from the ceiling.

That is to say, the Caboose Wall Mount Bracket is a true space saver for any installation. Every inch of floor space is important to builders of tiny spaces.  Mount to a wall and keep the stove 16 inches or more away from a corner wall. The stove also requires 16 inches on the end opposite the door for mounting on a wall on the opposite corner, so keep this in mind.

In Conclusion, builders of sheds, tiny homes, cabins, yurts etc. asked for a solution to save space, so we delivered. The Caboose Tiny Wood Stove is fully UL tested as mounted on the wall bracket.  Nothing else is needed behind the wall shields when installed.

The wall Mount has a space for an optional fan.  The fan can be installed to better heat larger spaces where needed.

Wall Mount Is 28"Wx19"Dx34"T


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