Smokeless Fire Pit Revolve 27 Painted Steel


Smokeless Fire Pit Revolve 27 Painted Steel

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Smokeless Fire Pit Revolve 27 Painted Steel

While our all stainless-steel Revolve fire pit is beautiful and durable, we also build a competitively-priced version of the Revolve 27 painted steel in high-grade carbon steel, painted in our own factory.

All of our products are made in the USA from American steel of known quality. They will outlast any similar product made overseas. The revolve SS is guaranteed not to rust or burn through for a period of five years from purchase.

Available accessories not included with the fire pit.

  • Insulating stainless fire pit base
  • Cooking grill
  • Fire poker / ash shovel

The Revolve™ fire pit is an innovative, smokeless fire pit with a patent-pending inner airfoil design. That improves combustion while making the flames revolve in a mesmerizing display. Unlike most fire pits, the Revolve radiates heat to the sides, creating a comfortable environment and keeping your feet warm. Damper doors on each side give you control over the air flow and burn time.

The Revolve smoke-less fire pit is proudly made in Post Falls, Idaho from American steel. Available in your choice of solid stainless steel, or premium painted steel. All parts are 1/16″ steel, except for the top ring, which is 1/8″ thick. The Revolve fire pit is laser-welded by hand.

With the optional welded stainless base, the fire pit can safely be operated on a deck or other wooden surface. The Revolve fire pit is 27″ in diameter and can burn cord wood up to 22″ long. Weighing in at only 60 lbs., the Revolve 27 painted steel fire pit is easily portable and is perfect for RV camping trips.

Don’t Smoke Out Your Friends

A smoky fire pit can put a damper on social gatherings on your back patio, as well as leaving an unpleasant scent in your hair and clothes. You could opt for a decorative gas fire pit, but these lack the warmth and charm of a real wood fire.

While no wood-fired open fire pit can ever be said to be completely smokeless, the Revolve fire pit provides a remarkably clean, efficient combustion that is unrivalled by any other fire pit. This is because of Revolve’s unique forced-draft airfoil vents and secondary combustion system.

Smokeless Fire Pit Revolve 27 Painted Steel. Fresh air enters the fire pit through two opposed vertical vents, and is channeled in a spiral around the outside of the fire pit, while a gas barrier around the center opening traps unburned gasses – mixing them with clean air to ensure complete combustion. We guarantee that you’ll never experience a cleaner burning wood fire with the Revolve 27 painted steel smoke less fire pit. Or go all out with the Stainless Version


Additional information

Weight 63 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 29 × 20 in

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  1. Mike Carpenter

    This thing is Amazing! I’m Glad to support and buy USA Made products. I hope to get one of the wood stoves in the future when my cabin is built

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