Revolve 27 Base


Revolve 27 Base

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Protect Your Deck From Your Fire Pit

While a flagstone patio is the best place for a fire pit, the Revolve 27 Base allows you to safely operate your firepit on a wooden deck. The 4-1/2″ high steel base provides a stable platform for your Revolve fire pit, while the additional clearance prevents charring of the wooden surface underneath.

The Revolve 27 fire pit base features plasma-cut decorations in the front and sides, and is laser-welded from 1/16″ stainless steel.

As with all combustion products, the Revolve fire pit and supporting base should be used as directed. Use on wood or composite decking is at your own risk and can lead to charring or ignition if not adequately elevated and insulated, or if misused. Composite decking materials differ significantly in quality and have varying heat resistance ratings. You should check with your manufacturer or builder to ensure your surface can handle high temperatures, or further elevate or insulate your fire pit to avoid potential damage. Have a look at the Revolve 27 Base if you are worried about excess heat under your fire pit. This is a great option for this fire pit.

The new Revolve 27 base is hand welded using a laser welder. Fine lines and small welds with full penetration of both layers of metal. Nothing welds like a laser welder when it comes to this type of work. Tig welding puts a lot of heat into the metal, often times causing distortion of the metal making it cup in most instances. Furthermore, called potato chipping of the edges of the materials being welded. Then, they don't sit flat.



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