Collapsible Rocket Stove with Cooktop

Collapsible Rocket Stove with Cooktop


Rocket stove

Introducing the brand new Collapsible Rocket Stove by Flame innovation! This rocket stove is perfect for all your camping and outdoor cooking needs. It collapses down into easy-to-carry pieces instead of an awkward large cookstove! Our stove is entirely American-made and hand welded here in Post Falls, Idaho.

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What makes them so special? Rocket stoves are one of the most efficient camping stoves, and they burn hot with just small diameter wood. They use a single combustion chamber connected to a vertical chimney. The design allows for complete combustion before the flames can hit the cooking surface. This timeless design is popular in areas where fuel is scarce or expensive.

We have two different models to best fit your needs:

  • R S 15 is 11x5x15 and 11x11 cook top, 13.5lbs
  • R S 18 is 12.5x6x18 and 13x13 cook top, 19lbs

Who can use these? Rocket stoves are perfect for anyone with a mobile life, either full-time or recreationally. Since they pack up easily, they're great for outdoor cooking at campsites, parks, off-grid living, and much more. They're great for prepping since they store compactly without any fuel going bad.

What kind of pans can be used? Any pan that fits the cooktop and can be used on open flames! Dutch ovens, woks, and cast iron pans are all popular cooking pans.

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Collapsible Rocket Stove with Cooktop – 15, Collapsible Rocket Stove with Cooktop – 18


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