Fire Pit Revolve 22 Black Steel

Fire Pit Revolve 22 Black Steel


The Fire Pit Revolve 22 Black Steel

The Revolve™ is an innovative, smokeless fire pit with a patent-pending inner airfoil design that improves combustion while making the flames revolve in a mesmerizing display. Unlike most fire pits, the Revolve radiates heat to the sides, creating a comfortable environment and keeping your feet warm. Damper doors on each side give you control over the air flow and burn time.


The Revolve 22 Black Steel is proudly made in Post Falls, Idaho from American steel. The Revolve is available in your choice of solid stainless steel, or premium painted steel. All parts are 1/16″ steel, except for the top ring, which is 1/8″ thick. The Revolve fire pit is laser-welded by hand.


With an optional welded stainless base, This pit can safely be operated on a deck or other wooden surface. The Revolve 22 is 22" in diameter and can burn cord wood up to 18″ long. Weighing in at only 42 lbs., the Revolve is easily portable and is perfect for RV camping trips.

The Revolve™ fire pit was designed specifically to address the problems of uneven heat distribution and smoke that plague most open patio fire pits. It represents a new paradigm in induced airflow combustion technology for open-flame fire pits, and is, quite simply, unlike any other fire pit on the market. The Revolve smokeless fire pit represents the result of years of evolution of wood stove and fire pit design. The result is a unique, nearly smokeless open fire pit that creates a vivid display of spiraling flames as it burns. While distributing heat evenly around the sides – keeping everybody around it equally comfortable.


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