Replacement Ceramic Igniter

Replacement Ceramic Igniter


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509-1 Optimum Replacement Ceramic Hot Air Igniter

509-1 Optimum Replacement Ceramic Igniter

This igniter is for the Optimum stove. Easy Replacement Install. Plugs in under stove in the control box and wires to the side. Ready for install. The igniter is common on a lot of stoves and is well made. It is controlled on and off by the manual timer.  Heavy duty, that is why we chose it. We want to have an igniter that keeps working for a long time and a good switch to turn it on or off.  Positive connection type of switch for the timer to add power to the igniter.

The other motor on the stove is the combustion motor.  It handles your exhaust to the outside. Other stoves we make do not require exhaust fans. In other words, the igniter runs hot and will start the chips in the stove. For instance, you drop in chips, turn on your combustion blower toggle.  Furthermore, this will blow hot air when the fan is running.

Great article on Centrifugal fans can be read here.


Fans help distribute the heat in an area a little better and help your stove be more efficient. You can add fans to stoves if they have an area made for one as an option.  Otherwise, don't add a fan.  Stoves are hot and they have to be put in the right spot on the stove to be efficient. Some fans start turning when they bracket they mount to gets hot. They are designed to work this way. So, there is your other option.

For example, The Optimum Stove Convection Blower may work on your old and tired stove as a replacement. In other words, if you find us during a search for blower motors then give us a call. In short, we want to help you find a solution. Above all, an affordable one. The replacement ceramic igniter may fit other stoves.  Call us for measurements or send a pic of yours.


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