Flat Wall Heat Shields

Flat Wall Heat Shields


Flat Wall Heat Shield for stove installations. Made of 20 ga. steel, these heat shields will enable you to put your stove and chimney pipe closer to your wall or corner during your installation. Clearance to combustibles 8” away from wall.  Flat wall pieces are 47” long and 14” wide overall. If you need more than 4 ft., order a “narrow” and a “wide” one. These pieces are made to fit together with minimal gaps for a smooth looking installation. Available in Black or Stainless Steel. Corner heat shield is this. https://flameinnovation.com/product/mini-me-all-night-tiny-stove/

If you are looking for a different heat shield then you can look to your own solution for a wall shield of a more decorative design. Here is a good article on how to install one. https://www.ehow.com/how_6407468_install-shield-behind-wood-stove.html You can use all sorts of materials.  However, metal seems to be the popular choice. For example, Minimum one inch space behind it. Secondly, hold off the floor a little bit. Flat wall heat shields are essentially always needed.



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