Corner Wall Heat Shields

Corner Wall Heat Shields


Corner Wall Heat Shields for your wall. They are for use in a Corner as you see. Use if you are angling towards a corner placement. Stove installations are done in many ways. These are made of 18 to 20 gauge steel. Much thicker than required, but better.  These heat shields will enable you to put your stove and chimney pipe closer to your wall or corner during your installation. Clearance to combustibles 8” away from wall on a mini me install.  Corner wall pieces are 47” long and each side of the corner extends 9” out. If you need more than 4 ft. of shield, order a “narrow” and a “wide” shield. These pieces are made to fit together with minimal gaps for a smooth looking installation. Available in Black or Stainless Steel.

Here are some other examples if ours are too plain for your liking. This should help you understand the process and how it works. Example, what to use. Normally for use with the Mini Me.

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Mini Me Corner Wall Heat Shields – Corner – Narrow (Black), Mini Me Corner Wall Heat Shields – Corner – Wide (Black)


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