The 509-1 Optimum Stove is The World’s First Densified Fuel Log Stove. The Stove passed 2020 EPA Emissions and is UL Approved. This Award Winning Stove burns Pres-To-Logs, North Idaho Energy Logs, Home Fire Prest Logs and many others. No. 1 most fuel efficient non-catalytic stove on the market. Burns All Night on a Load of Fuel. Easy to load, Easy to clean. In Production and selling since Jan 2018.

The 509-1 Optimum is revolutionizing the home heating industry. It is the first stove designed to burn manufactured densified fuel logs to heat your home or shop. Perfect for homes or garages up to 2,500 square feet, the stove boasts a combination of convection and radiant heat to create a warm and cozy home or workspace.

The all natural logs used to fuel this stove are by products of the manufacturing and forestry industry, a carbon neutral fuel, creating cleaner air and a better place to live. These biofuel logs last 2-4 hours each depending on log size and how you burn them. Energy logs are a cost effective and clean burning alternative energy source for heating.

The 509 Optimum Stove is 79% efficient overall, exceeding pellet and wood stove options on the market for efficiency and overal BTUs heating your home. It has a  99.5% combustion efficiency, which translates into less creosote buildup and less cleanup. The Stove is easy to clean and operate, with no motors, augers, or computers, making it easier and cheaper to maintain and use for years to come.