Pellet Stove Options and the other types of stoves available are a big decision with all the research that can go along with it. Probably more options than what you would like to have.  It makes the buying decision a difficult one. You want to burn biomass fuel like a pellet stove burns, but you don’t want the mess, dust, or maintenance?  You don’t want to burn cord wood anymore. Take a look at the 509 Optimum Stoves.

There are many manufacturers of pellet stoves like Morso, Ravelli, and US Stove Company.  Most people won’t do a lot of research and you can’t blame them.  I think people like to get referrals from their friends and not everyone has time to do all the shopping. This makes buying a stove either a good experience for you or a bad one.

Not Pellet Stoves. Not Wood Stoves. A Different Option Entirely.

The technology is out there in some of these stoves to really make life easy when it comes to burning biomass fuels. Pellet Stoves can run on the push of a button, but they are a lot of maintenance and shut off for a lot of reasons.  We are building the 509-1 Optimum to give the user a hybrid option with both radiant and convection heat.  We are building them in the USA and hand assembling them.  The 509 Optimum is not the stove for everyone by any means but it is another option to consider when looking for a stove.  The 509 Optimum burns more like a wood stove because you always have fuel in the fire box. Pellet stoves feed fuel in with an auger. The 509 Optimum is Gravity Fed.

Loading Logs in the 509 Optimum Stove

The ease of Manufactured Logs over Bags of Pellets

Manufactured logs are becoming more and more popular to burn.  It is so much easier than getting cord wood and so much easier than lifting a 40 plus pound bag of pellets. The 509 Optimum holds 3 and a half logs and will burn all night on that fuel. The fuel stores in half the space of cord wood and provides more BTU’s for you to burn in that space because they are so dense.