How Does the 509 Optimum Stove Stack Up?

  • BTU Range on high 12500 –  42500 per hour BTU Range on low 8500 –   11000 per hour
  • Up to 79% total efficiency
  • 99.5% Overall Combustion Efficiency
  • EPA emissions 1.49 Gr.
  • Burns for 12 hours on low with a full load of logs
  • Front of stove can be 750 to 450° while the back is still only 110°
  • Lifetime Warranty on the body of the stove
  • One Year Warranty on Glass, Blower Motors, Igniter, and Paint.

How is the Optimum Stove Better Than the Others?

  • No wood mess or sticky pitch
  • No chopping and stacking
  • Virtually no creosote buildup
  • Fuel logs are free of spiders, bugs, or vermin
  • Less wasted heat than wood burning stoves
  • Puts off consistent heat
  • Does not put off sparks onto carpet or floor
  • Does not fill room with smoke when the door is open
  • Burning produces less ash than wood or pellet stoves
  • Easier to load, clean, and maintain than wood or pellet stoves
  • Less distance needed between the backside of the stove and the wall
  • No internal Auger motors to fail like pellet stoves

What Customization and Options are There?

  • Designs are currently custom made on the door only and stove comes in one color – black
  • Possibility of different colors and different artwork available as a special order. Ask us!


If you have any questions please contact us at 509-993-3767 or dusty@509fab.com