4″ Insulated Chimney Pipe 24″

4″ Insulated Chimney Pipe 24″


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4" Insulated Chimney Pipe 24". That is to say, Model HT is an All Fuel Chimney approved for Gas, Oil and Wood* burning applications and this pipe is manufactured by Selkirk.

Furthermore, This pipe is Tested and Listed to ULC S-604 and UL103HTAll 300 Series Stainless Steel Construction. 1" "Solid Pack" Insulation on this pipe, for instance. Model HT requires only 2" clearance to combustibles on this pipe. You can install this pipe in RV's.  You can install in many applications. For Example, other stoves that have a 4" collar, you can buy our pipe for your stove that you bought.

By the way this pipe has the "Smart Choice Lifetime Warranty". Above all, check it out before you buy another product.  Most importantly, this pipe is UL Listed.  We are the ones who specialize and carry 4" Pipe.

To sum it up, this pipe is *Approved for wood burning applications only in the United States. Check your local regulations to make sure this chimney pipe meets their standards.

For instance, use this product with other accessories depending on your installation. https://flameinnovation.com/product/4-firestop-spacer-w-6-cutout/

All stove installations require different pipe.  This pipe is used on our Caboose and Mini Me Installs. Therefor, you need to determine how much you will need.  The pipe is sold in 12, 18, 24 and 36" sections. 4" Insulated Chimney Pipe 24" must be used when your chimney is outside. This pipe is safe and will withstand 2000 degree temps.

All in all, this pipe we sell is what you want to use to be safe. Sleep comfortably at night, while making your stove burn better at the same time.


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