Flame Innovation Specialty Items

Flame Innovation Specialty Items can customize fire pits and many of our metal signs.  Customers often buy Flame Innovation Specialty Items. They want a bigger version of a stock item fire pit.

They might want a bigger version of a sign for the front of their home or gated entry.

They might want a bigger version a fire pit. For example, a fire pit that has one design but not the same design as another style of fire pit.

Secondly, we make all kinds of wildlife signs.  Signs with WELCOME at the bottom or do you want your name? Moreover, you may want to take the welcome part off and just do a big moose standing in the trees and hang it in the living room.

Do you want a coat or towel rack made bigger for the hot tub area or your mud room? In short, we can hopefully accommodate your request.

Let us know.  We are happy to help.

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