Big Foot Steel Figure

Big Foot Steel Figure


Big Foot Steel Figure standing at 5 foot 6 inches tall is a great addition and talk piece for your friends and neighbors.  People hide them behind trees to make it just a little more fun.  If you like big foot, then this one is for you.  Big Foot Steel Figure will rust over time, giving it a nice brown patina. Lots of details in the cut of this figure. Defined toes and fingers. Stand up edges to imitate rough fur.

Have you ever seen a Big Foot?  There are lots of people who say they have all the way back to the 1950's I think. Nobody ever gets a great picture, but with the internet and great programs for digital enhancements of photographs and video, I'm sure we will start seeing more of this mythical creature.

Do you believe in Big Foot? Stand this up in your yard or out in the woods behind the house. We've had customers set it up with a light that they could switch on inside the house. Then they get people outside and let them know they have motion detectors outside that light up with movement. They flip the switch and all of a sudden there's a huge big foot peeking out from behind a tree.  Great fun to be had.

Big Foot Steel Figure is larger than it appears in the pictures. Get one today at our local factory or call and have us customize it so it can be shipped and put together when it arrives. We carry other steel signs as well.

There are lots to pick from. Compare our price with others out there charging hundreds more for the same size or smaller.

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Dimensions 66 in


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