Bigfoot Welcome Sign

Bigfoot Welcome Sign


This Bigfoot Welcome Sign shows a Bigfoot or Sasquatch, as some might say, meandering through the woods.

This fantastic sign is a great cutout from our plasma. It is customizable.

The sign is made of 18ga steel and will rust over time to a natural patina.

This will give you a quick idea of thickness.  For hanging on a wall? Or nailing to a fence?  This is quite fine for thickness.  If you were building something structural, not so much. For metal cutouts, it is just fine. Do you want something different, maybe to hang your coat on?  How about this one we make out of 16ga steel.

Bigfoot Welcome Sign is a great conversation starter. Friends over for a BBQ and you have it in the backyard to welcome them over. You'll get lots of compliments on this one! Put it in the house. Put it by the front door outside. Hang it up at the lake place.

Metal cutouts are made all over the world, and there are a lot to pick from. If you want a different one than you see on our site, please ask.  For instance, you may want a bunch of bucks and does in a field standing around minding their own business before hunting season.  We might be able to help. This type of sign is fun to make and will last a really long time. Help support a local business.  Enjoy your sign, whichever you choose.


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