4″ Rain Cap

4″ Rain Cap


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You are all done with your installation and now it's time to top it with a 4" Rain Cap. This cap is designed to prevent rain & snow from entering the chimney. This cap is for use with our 4" chimney pipe. Perfect for mini and small wood stoves and like our Mini Me or the Cubic Grizzly Mini or hobbit or stoves that utilize a 4" Chimney made by Selkirk. Above all, this is a great looking functional chimney cap.


A - 11"

B - 9"

C - 4"

D - 7-1/2"

As a result of adding this 4" Rain Cap to the top of your installation of Selkirk pipehttps://www.selkirkcorp.com/en/  you will have a nice finished looking installation.  To Clarify, this chimney cap is made of stainless steel and does the exact job it is intended for. Most importantly, if your are just buying a chimney cap for a pipe that doesn't have one, make sure you know the brand of your pipe because they all don't fit together.  In Short, it can be done, it just won't be a really good fit on a different style of pipe. Here is the style of pipe it goes on that we stock all the supplies for your installations. https://flameinnovation.com/product/4-model-ht-stainless-insulated-chimney-pipe-24-inch/



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