4″ Flat Roof Flashing

4″ Flat Roof Flashing


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4" Flat Roof Flashing

Used to waterproof installations through a flat roof

ULC Listed (only)


A - 6-1/8"

B - 10-1/2"

C - 18"

Used for flat-roof installs where a section of 4" HT Stove pipe will go through the 6" opening on top. https://flameinnovation.com/product/4-inch-stove-pipe-model-ht-stainless-insulated-36-inch/

As a result, using this metal cone flashing you will get a little more support than using a rubber roof boot. But, it has its place on installs as well. That is to say, do not install the 4" Tall Cone Flashing on a flat metal roof.  In other words, the edges of the metal roof are not meant to be sealed down with another metal edge.  It can't be done correctly.  Use a different product like the https://flameinnovation.com/product/7-dek-tite-high-temp-round-roof-boot/

for instance.  It can bend around edges and still seal correctly to eliminate leaks.

This product extends up about 10.5 inches so be careful if you are installing on an RV roof, where it might be tall already for crossing under bridges or low clearance tunnels. Secondly, use a storm collar above it and seal around to top edge of the storm collar https://flameinnovation.com/product/4-storm-collar/

to keep water from leaking down the outside of the pipe. Furthermore, each section of pipe as it heads up towards the ceiling are installed top to bottom.  This will help keep water that gets under the rain cap from leaking down the outside of the pipe.


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