4″ Storm Collar

4″ Storm Collar


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4" Storm Collar

This metal storm collar is used to provide a weather proof seal to chimney above roof flashing. The collar attaches just above your roof boot or conical roof flashing and is tightened down to a snug fit. Secondly, you will seal around the top edge of the storm collar. Lastly, make sure to check for non-sealed spots with a flashlight from underneath it.

Seal inner edge with hi-temp silicone sealant

Dimensions: A = 6"  & B = 10"

For example, if you use a roof flashing like this https://flameinnovation.com/product/4-adjustable-roof-flashing/

You would install the storm collar over the top of the opening about 2". Picture it in your mind mounted in that spot and how it would be sealed to kick the water off the edge.  Most importantly, this keeps the water from running down the pipe.  It helps eliminate leaks. Secondly, it helps to keep water stains from running down inside or getting under the roof. Sealing is key on the roof flashing as well as the storm collar.

The 4" Storm collar is a must have anytime you run your pipe up through a roof. The storm collar is not needed for through-the-wall installations.

Made of galvanized steel. In conclusion, by installing the storm collar on your stove pipe installation will save you future troubles of leaks, and unsightly streaks on your beautiful stove pipe.



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