There are a lot of wood and pellet stoves on the market today. Some are better than others, providing more or less efficiency, emitting various levels of emissions, and costing more or less to fuel and heat your home or shop with.

The EPA has new standards for emissions that go into effect in May of 2020. Many stove manufacturers have not been able to pass the new certifications and now stove sellers are scrambling to offload their old uncompliant stoves before the new standard takes effect next year.

Enter the 509 Optimum Densified Biomass Enegy Log Stove from 509 Fabrications in Post Falls, Idaho. The revolutionary 509-1 Optimum Stove exclusively burns energy logs (like giant wood pellets) like the Pres-To-Log, North Idaho Energy Log, Tok Wood Fuel Log, and the Home Fire Prest Log, to name a few. The Stove has been 2020 EPA Certified and is available at many local dealers throughout the Northwest and Inland Northwest. This Ul Listed and Approved Stove is a new, efficient, and clean way to heat your home or shelf.

However you decide to heat your home, be sure to select a 2020 EPA compliant option to maximize your homes heating efficiency, reduce your heating emissions, and help do your part to clean up the air in your area.