Steelhead Water Tank

Steelhead Water Tank


Steelhead Water Tank

Steelhead Water Tank is made of 304 grade Stainless Steel.  16 ga. thickness.  Tank is hand welded. Stainless Steel nipple for Spigot. Spigot mounted in the center of the water tank. For instance, the tank can be mounted on either side of the stove.  Capacity is just under 5 gallons.  2 tanks capacity just under 10 gallons.

Here is an example of a water spigot. Tank comes with a spigot, but if you don't like the design it is interchangeable. 1/2 NPT.

Tank is easy to mount on the stove.  Brackets TIG welded to the front and back of the tank. Slides on shoulder bolts that come with the tank. Everything is included. Tank mounts to the Steelhead.

These water tanks are great for adding moisture to the air.  Great for heating water to cook dehydrated meals. For instance, coffee or a freeze dried meal. Water tanks are great for heating water for an outdoor shower. The water tank is the best accessory to add to your stove. They are not cheap. The tanks are very sturdy and have some weight to them.


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