Pyramid Rocket Chiminea

Pyramid Rocket Chiminea

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Pyramid Rocket Chiminea

The Flame Innovation Pyramid Rocket Chiminea. This is the model name.  In addition, this model is right at home on your patio.  Finally, a great part of your campsite!  At only 60lbs, you can easily throw it into your truck bed with a buddy to help. Take anywhere you'd like to roast some marshmallows over a fire pit. Hand welded at our shop in Post Falls, ID and then professionally painted in our own paint booth. At roughly 5 ft 4"" tall, this fire pit is a great starter. It is a great, long-lasting, sturdy metal fire pit. Did we mention it is portable pit if you want?

You like fire pits? Because Flame Innovation does too. We make a lot of them and the angles are great on this pit. There are a lot of manufacturers making all kinds of pits that are sub standard and poor quality. Tin can feeling and punched out by the thousands. Do yourself a favor. Above all buy a good outdoor fire pit the first time.  Secondly you will save money. This Pyramid Rocket Chiminea is made from 12 gauge steel and we cut them in-house.


Looking at general fire pits that are available in the big box stores, or portable pits, your choices are limited and can be expensive. Or very Cheap. Pyramid Rocket Chiminea is quality. Ever wondered where they are made? Do they support a local economy? Our fire pits can have a fire pit screen over the top for flying embers if you want. We make quality fire pits and easy to use fire pits. I have seen the quality first hand in these portable fire pits.

To sum up, you almost can't go wrong. Quality metal fire pits built to last. Hand welded quality. Hand painted quality. Lastly we have lots of choices. Buy a Pyramid Rocket Chiminea fire pit today. If you would like something different, How about this one

What wood should I use?

Here is a little article to help in that decision.  Don't ever use wet wood in your Pyramid Rocket Chiminea. Get wood from where you will be burning.

Pyramid Rocket Chiminea is a great product. But, It is an open portable pit. If you live in an area that requires screens over your fir pit, let us know. We can make you a screen more than likely.  But it will be more expensive than finding it online. We will hand make it right here in the USA and get it to you. It is high quality, but will rust over time, as fire is hard on a metal screen right above the flame. It turns bright red real quick.

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Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 66 in


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