Ash Pan/Fresh Air

Ash Pan/Fresh Air


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The Mini Me Ash Pan/Fresh Air intake kit fits under the F Models. If you are in a tiny space you should have the Fresh air kit for your Mini Me 8F/12F stove. Comes standard on the Mini Me 8/12 non-fire pot models. Brings in outside combustion air to your tiny space. Easy fresh air add-on to your Mini Me 8F/12F stove setup.

For example, if you add this product to your stove then the ash pan would sit just above it.  It helps create a heat barrier for the cabinet as well. Made of 16 ga. steel and painted black. Back end of the Mini Me Ash pan/Fresh Air kit is supported by the tube in the back leg of the stove.

Bringing in fresh air while burning and sleeping in a small space is paramount. Here is a guy that explains a little bit about it.,air%20from%20inside%20the%20house.


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