4″ Steep Roof Flashing (Special Order Only)

4″ Steep Roof Flashing (Special Order Only)


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4" Steep Roof Flashing (Special Order Only)

Used to water proof installations that penetrate the roofline. See other types of roof flashings here: https://flameinnovation.com/product/4-adjustable-roof-flashing/

For example, This flashing works for really steep roofs, up to 12/12.  If it is under 7/12 pitch use the adjustable flashing. Best for asphalt shingle installations, but think ahead.  Can I go out a wall with the chimney pipe at a 45 angle or do I really need to go out the roof.

For example, Cutting the hole on a steep roof requires a really big elongated hole.  4" Steep Roof Flashing isn't always the answer.  We are glad to help in any way we can to get your install and supplies figured out.  One trip to the hardware store, right?

All Roof Flashing is different, and special care needs to be taken. Think it through and ask questions. Roof Flashing needs to be sealed down correctly, with the correct adhesive.  We can help.  Locate your stove inside the structure.  Stand back and look at it.  For example, if you set it in the structure and you decide you don't have enough room to put it where you want, everything can change with your install and supplies.

Adjustable for 6/12 - 12/12 pitches

ULC Listed (only)


A - 6-1/4"

B - 22"

C - 4-3/4"


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