4″ 3 FT single wall pipe

4″ 3 FT single wall pipe


3 ft. Single Wall Pipe that is 4" x 3 Ft. 26GA Black Stainless Single Wall Exhaust Pipe with a Seamless Weld. For Mini Me Stoves and the Caboose. 12" Clearance to combustibles. Works with other stoves with 4" Collar Caboose, Mini Me, tent stoves, DIY stoves, cook stoves. And especially, for tiny home stoves, skoolie installs, yurts, container homes, sheds, and RV installs. Inside only use maintaining clearance to combustibles. That is to say, do not go through a wall with this pipe unless it is a wall tent or the like. Use this adapter to attach to the HT pipe for the rest of your install. https://flameinnovation.com/product/4-ht-pipe-adapter/

For example, if you start out of the stove with 4" single wall exhaust pipe, you will need to transition to the insulated exhaust before going through any surface. That is to say, if you want to go out the wall of your RV or ceiling, you have to use the insulated exhaust pipe. 4 ft Single Wall Pipe can be used in wall tents. For clarification, that is what most do, but not a living space to go through the ceiling. For clarification, here is a great article on stove installs because most are done by the owner for these tiny stoves. Pay attention to details. https://nasdonline.org/1248/d001052/wood-stove-installation-and-operation.html

In closing, installs shouldn't be difficult.  But, you need to pay attention to details. Buy the right pipe and supplies to do the job right.


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