Stainless Steel Ash Vacuum

Stainless Steel Ash Vacuum


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This Power Smith 4 Gallon Stainless Steel Ash Vacuum will hold 4 gallons of ashes.  Stainless Steel Canister with 10 Ft. hose. Extensions and separate small space cleaning kit for tight spaces. Extra filter included. Great Ash Vacuum to clean your stove, Briquet BBQ, Fireplace. No dust blowing around in the room like a shop vac.Power Smith 4 Gallon Stainless Steel Ash Vacuum when started.

For instance, ash vacuums are a different breed.  Some of them really push out the dust when you start them.  that is not what you want, like a shop vac. You want clean air when you turn it on.

For example, when cleaning you can count on several things.  It is going to be a little dirty.  Wear gloves for sure. You should have an extra bag handy for dumping into.  Maybe you can use something different to clean out the ash? Maybe not. These vacs are kind of one of a kind. Make sure to get high quality.  Read the reviews to make up your mind.  So many scammers out there of ours is the best.

Likewise, If you keep your stove clean on the models that have powered exhaust, then you can save the expense of a spare blower motor. Keep your stove clean, like the Optimum and avoid replacing the blower motor.

For example, Power Smith 4 Gallon Vacuum are the standard for keeping your stove clean and not blowing the ash everywhere while you do it.



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