Optimum Replacement Tork Timer

Optimum Replacement Tork Timer


Optimum Replacement Tork Timer. Manual Timer Switch. Puts power to your igniter on the stove when you turn it on.  Should only take a couple of minutes to light.  If the stove is not lighting, then turn it on again and move the chips away from the igniter tube. For example. it blows hot air on the chips to ignite the stove. Here is the igniter. https://flameinnovation.com/product/igniter/ This is what gets hot to blow air across when the valve is open.

This is an average cost to replace an igniter. If you need to replace your optimum igniter. For instance, we are a lot cheaper. Way cheaper. We don't want to rake you over the coals. Pardon the pun. https://www.fixr.com/costs/pellet-stove-repair You can see our manual, and it is very easy to change.  Just a few minutes of your time.  Being careful, you will have the job done. Optimum Replacement Tork Timer is a generic brand, but an economical one at least.

You can replace with a different brand for sure.  Just make sure the wiring is correct,  And the voltage for power draw. Have a question, let us know. If it fits, it doesn't mean it is going to work on this type of timer.


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