Wood Stove Installation Kits

Want to get everything you need for your stove installation in one go? Our wood stove installation kits fit a variety of needs, and even work with other brands of small and mini stoves! We source top-of-the-line pipe and materials so you know your home and buildings will be safe while you burn with your brand new stove.

We have installation kits bundled with stoves and without, so you can install a different tiny wood stove.
Many of our installation kits give you everything at a discount.
Our kits are customized for installing mini wood stoves in your RV, tiny home, and a variety of other ceiling height and installation needs.

Please look over these kits in their entirety. These lists encompass the most commonly used parts for ceiling heights in RVs and small structures. Please contact us directly to discuss your install scenario if you are unsure, ceiling height and roof type are very important, so we can get you the parts you may need. No Cabinet Pedestal will require more pipe.  Please note the difference in the Ceiling Support Box Kit and the Firestop Spacer Kit. (Additional parts may be needed at install based on unforeseen circumstances)

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