Energy Log Stove Fuel

Where to find Fuel for 509 Stoves

The 509 Mini-Me Tiny Stove and Optimum Stove burn what are known as natural compressed logs. Compressed logs are a very sustainable and clean fuel source, especially since they are recycled wood waste and burn cleaner than regular wood. We recommend sticking to compressed logs that do not contain other materials such as wax.

The Optimum Stove can fit compressed logs up to a 4.5″ diameter – examples are shown in the above video. The Mini-Me Tiny Stove can fit compressed logs up to a 3 3/4″ diameter only.

For local pickup in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area, we carry both the North Idaho Energy Logs and Pres-To-Logs at our Post Falls location. Contact us for pricing.

North Idaho Energy Logs – 4″ diameter
Pres-To-Logs – 3.5″ diameter
Tok Wood Fuels Logs – 4″ diameter
EZ Fire Logs – 3″ diameter
Forest Energy Logs – 3 3/4″ diameter
Aurora Energy Solutions (Formerly Superior Pellet Fuel)